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Weight Loss Programs

There is no single weight loss program – each patient is an individual. You might need to lose weight rapidly – for bariatric surgery or for a planned event; or you may simply need to fine tune your diet with nutritional counseling. We have developed our weight loss programs to be personally tailored to you, your busy lifestyle and budget.

First Visit – You will meet with Dr. Anelise Engel and receive a comprehensive medical, nutritional and behavioral evaluation… and a personalized weight loss program. Medication, such as appetite suppressants, are recommended if appropriate for you. Replacement meals, such as OptiFast™, may be a part of the diet program.

You will receive a complete physical examination including a measurement of fat mass and fat percentage, using the most advanced technology, and complete metabolic testing.

We encourage regular follow up visits, preferably weekly - proven to greatly enhance results.

Follow - Up Visits – We will review your diet, monitor your weight loss, provide nutritional counseling, and fine tune your behavior modification strategies.

Additionally, we’ll suggest ways to add exercise and activity to your plan, based upon your schedule, preferences and capabilities.

Our Programs:
1. Express Yourself – quick weight loss
2. Individualized programs
3. Family programs
4. Pre and Post surgical weight loss programs
5. Women’s Health programs for menopausal patients
6. Maintenance programs to keep your results

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